When you listen to a person with a beautiful singing voice, it's hard not to be jealous. Often, people come away from a breathtaking performance not only with admiration for the singer, but with a desire to improve their own singing voice – so that they're not ashamed to belt out a tune somewhere other than in the car or in their shower.

Yes, You Can

"You have to be born with a beautiful singing voice."

Most people believe this – but it's not really true. Your ability to sing is largely a product of how you breathe, and the strength of the muscles you use when air passes through your throat. Don't believe it? Then why do great singers always have a voice coach? Even heavy metal performers like James Hetfield of Metallica use voice coaches. You may never be able to sing like Roger Daltrey, but you can definitely improve your singing voice with expert help, whether it's with in-person coaching or online instruction.


Most people have poor singing voices because they fail to understand the proper techniques needed to create beautiful sound. Even a few small changes to your technique can result in a massive improvement. Here are a few tips which can lead to significant improvement within two weeks.

How To Improve Singing

1. Sing Every Day

The ability to sing is often romanticized, but much of the process is physical. The sounds you make are controlled by the muscles in the chest and throat. One reason many people have "poor" great singing voices is that they're not trained to sing certain notes. You wouldn't just wake up one day and decide to run a marathon; you would need to train extensively on a daily basis before being able to run more than 26 miles. The same is true for singing. Having a few drinks at a karaoke bar once a month and then doing your best Aretha Franklin, isn't how to improve your singing. Everyday practice is.


Schedule at least 30 minutes to work on your singing each day. Spend the first 15 minutes performing scales, to help develop muscle memory for certain notes. Practicing scales using a song such as "Do-Re-Mi" may not be exciting or fun, but your voice will improve in leaps and bounds as you develop the needed muscle memory for every note.

2. Record Yourself

Most people are shocked when they hear a recording of themselves. Practicing each day is really effective only if you are hitting the correct notes. Record your voice and then correct your mistakes. You will be embarrassed at first, but a week of practice and audio review is how to improve your singing voice.


3. Go Deep

Many people lack resonance in their singing voices. Resonance is best thought of as the "weight" of a voice. Barry White has tremendous resonance, as do opera singers. Singers without resonance tend to have a high-pitched and "thin" sound. Improve your resonance and you will greatly improve your sound.

The way to improve resonance is to breathe from below your diaphragm. To do this, focus on the process of inhaling air into your lungs. Instead of pulling in air by expanding your chest, focus on expanding your stomach; this buils up a greater volume of air in your the lower lungs. Now, practice singing scales by slowly exhaling from your stomach instead of your lungs. The difference you hear in your singing voice should be amazing.


Online Instruction

When trying to figure out how to improve your singing voice, the best solution is to hire a voice coach. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring a quality voice coach is significant and few people have the thousands of dollars required.


One option which can really help you improve your singing without costing you an arm and a leg is to use online instruction. One such course is the Superior Singing Method, which includes video and audio instruction as well as exercises designed to improve your singing voice quickly. The training is provided by voice coach Aaron Anastasi, "All-4-One" Grammy award winner Jamie Jones and other voice specialists. And the price is definitely within reach for any aspiring Frank Sinatra or James Brown. Lessons begin at just $29.95, with available learning modules such as:

•Superior Vocal Performance

•Correcting The Top 5 Singing Mistakes

•Developing Your Head Voice

•Superior 7 Vocal Exercises

•Superior Harmony

•Superior High Notes

•Superior Pitch

•Superior Mix

•Superior Tone

•Superior Vocal Agility

A course like the Superior Singing Method may not set you up to be the next American Idol. But if you're simply searching for a quick and easy way to sound better at karaoke or to win the lead role in an amateur musical, it's how to improve your singing voice cheaply and effectively.